the motive for making a family tree of the name st(e)u(u)rsma is because my father in dokkum where we

lived at that time did perform genealogical research on our family and the found data later on when living

in zwijndrecht developed and put on paper

(see appendix)

these data were related to persons before 1812 the data  after this date  my father got from

his grandfather willem stuursma (05201867-03281954) and then developed on a big sheet of  sticked papers

(see appendix)

this was in the second world war in 1944 after my father and his parents had to evacuate from arnhem and  stayed in friesland

with his family

with this data (incredible that  willem stuursma  had all this data in his memory and so accurate)

and completed with data of archives and via the internet obtained infomation and help of farther i'll try

to complete the family tree and to keep it up to date


i want to thank everone who was so helpful and still is

in particular  piet en martha sierts  from  briltil


cees stuursma