the name  steursma  was adopted the 28th of may in 1812 at grijpskerk in the province of  groningen

(see certificate)

in the archives of the province of  friesland  the name is not mentioned only the name  stuursma  

which was adopted in 1811 in the neighbourhood of  sneek  (family tree sorted out and complete up to

the 4th generation the name  stuursma  disappeared then because the males cease to exist)

the transformation of  steursma  in  stuursma  came into existence in 1834 due to a clerical error when they

gave notice of birth of there first child  willem jans steursma

(in the 2nd generation  steursma  there were two male childeren so there came two different lines

one  stuursma  and one  steursma)

the name  stursma  came into existence in 1889 when the first  stuursma  s emigrated to america

(probably it was then not customary to have a double vowel in a name)

therefore is the name  stursma  only to be found in the united states of america

later emigrants kept there name  stuursma  with a double u


cees stuursma