every  steursma/stuursma/stursma  has a unique number

this number consist of a majority of  figures (except for  jan romkes steursma  who has number  1)

every figure in the number is the sequence of birth of the child and

the amount of figures in the number indicates the generation

an exception however is when there are 10 or more children born than the ten will be

replaced by a dot  (.)  so that still each figure a generation indicates




114.1  sjouke stuursma  (16061884-21011959) self  fourth generation is the 11th child

(of the third generation) of 114  jan willems stuursma  (26121840-12081887) and he

is the fourth child (of the second generation) of 11  willems jans steursma  ( 01121811-25021882) and

he was the first child (of the first generation) of 1  jan romkes steursma  (06081980-24071828)